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Chemical peeling is used to improve the skin's appearance by applying a chemical solution to the skin, causing the top layers of skin to separate and peel off. The new skin is smoother, less wrinkled, and may be more even in color.

What Can a Chemical Peel Do?

What Should Be Expected After Treatment?

To minimize the reappearance of lesions and lines, dermatologists recommend daily use of a broad-spectrum (blocks ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays) sunscreen.

Depending upon the type of peel applied, there may be a mild to severe sunburn-like sensation. The gentlest type of peel, a superficial peel, usually produces redness, which is followed by scaling that lasts three to five days.

Medium-depth and deep peels can result in swelling and blisters that may break, crust, turn brown, and peel off over a period of seven to 14 days or longer. Some peels may require surgical tape to be placed on part or all of the treated skin.

Chemical Peel Photo
Chemical Peel Photo

Types of Peels We Offer

Light Chemical Peels

Your dermatologist will use a specific formula for your chemical peel based on the characteristics of your skin and your desired result. Light chemical peels are used to treat fine wrinkling, areas of dryness, uneven pigmentation, and acne. The solution used for light chemical peels is usually comprised of alphahydroxy acids (AHAs), such as glycolic, lactic, salicylic, or fruit acids. Light chemical peels are ideal for people who want the benefits of a facial peel but do not wish to spend the time required to recover from a deeper peel.

Medium Chemical Peels

For medium facial peels, we use trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This chemical works well for treating fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and pigmentation problems. Similar to the light chemical peel, medium chemical peels require less downtime than a deeper peel. TCA peels are the preferred choice for patients with darker skin.

Jessner's Peel

Jessner's peel solution is a combination of salicylic and lactic acids, and resorcinol. These peels help repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide a more even, smoother skin texture.